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Mickey Muennig Greenhouse

Mickey Muennig, the organic architect, lives and works in a Californian region of Big Sur. It is a gorgeous place which stretches along the coast of California, with its tall sequoias growing above the rocky heights of the endless Pacific.

This architect built a conical tent made of glass, a greenhouse, where he lived for 18 years. Read some steel building reviews to find out if you also want to make a similar greenhouse for yourself. After that, he built another home for himself. The platform bed, which is hung by steel rods, is made of redwood and floats above the round room situated below. The walls made of stone are the heart of the house wrapping around and terminating at the wall of glass that faces the coast of Pacific. The house is placed on a hillside.

mickey muennig greenhouse  Mickey Muennig Greenhouse

This is not the only well known project of Muenning. For all the projects, Muenning finds inspiration in nature.

mickey muennig greenhouse 1 Mickey Muennig Greenhouse

It is reasonable to conclude that the nature of Big Sur was necessary for someone like Muenning to develop his aspirations, accepting all the building restrictions of the area, both natural and bureaucratic. Frequent fires and high winds are an everyday fact in Big Sur, although the year-round climate is almost perfect. Muenning’s houses, with their roofs of thick sod and underground designs, are protected of winds and fires and the temperature is constant.

mickey muennig greenhouse 2 Mickey Muennig Greenhouse

Muenning usually uses solar panels when building the houses and powered backup system is provided by propane. Residents are provided with water from artesian wells, and hot water is provided by tankless water heaters. With his innovative designs, Muenning shows us how to live in a new world.

mickey muennig greenhouse 3 Mickey Muennig Greenhouse

mickey muennig greenhouse 4 Mickey Muennig Greenhouse

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